I’ve been going to see Laurie at Younique Esthetics for about 5 years now (maybe even longer!) and I love it! I even travel from Bradford! Laurie is very knowledgeable about skin care and loves what she does! I feel like a long time friend catching up every time I pop in for a treatment. Weather its waxing or a facial I always leave in good spirits and feeling good! I recommend Laurie for all your beauty needs!
— Laura DeGasperis, via Google+
I’m one of those ladies that felt that going to an esthetician was only for the rich. I was given a gift certificate for my birthday by my best friend to go and see Laurie and that is where it all began for me. Laurie not only is very good at what she does, but she is extremely educated, and educates you as she works on you. After my second visit, I knew that this would be person for my daughter to go to as well. I love my daughter to the moon and back so to recommend Laurie to her, she has to be fantastic. Laurie makes you feel relax and that you are her long lost best friend. In my case, that may be true since I travel 8 hours to have her work on me. Love you Laurie!!!
— Krista, via email